The Sá & Irmão was founded in 1976 with the goal to produce Natural Corks for export. Is a company with family vast experience in sector that makes question to renew along the year introducing another type of cork products in a gradual and measured way.

A diversified what allows us to vote the needs of our customers on export market.

Today Sá & Irmão has capacity conduct internally entire production circuit plugs with vertical integration, the processes and total of matter recovery-press.

Even the cork powder is used paragraph for energy recovery, therefore we are a company eco-efficient, with a system of waste management, treatment units of waste from the industrial activity and an energy management plan minimizing the damage on environment.

The company's growth has been accompanied by concern in investment Director, in particular in the improvement of infrastructure, the acquisition of equipment and qualification of human resources what allow us to raise productivity levels, the quality of products, in compliance with legal requirements, with goal to meet requirements as market needs.