Technical Cork Stopper 1+1

The 1+1 technical cork stoppers were designed to bottle wines intended to be consumed in a short period of time. They consist of an agglomerated or micro agglomerated cork body with natural cork discs glued on both ends.

3 Types Available:

SATEK® Premium | SATEK® Fine | SATEK® Origin

Rolha Colmatada
Rolha Colmatada
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TCA Free guaranteed by the Subertech technology.

Technical Specifications


  • Length:
    Nominal ± 0.5mm
  • Diameter:
    Nominal ± 0.3mm
  • Standard Dimensions:
    39 x 23,5mm, 44 x 23,5mm
  • Triturado de Cortiça
    Moldação de Cortiça
    Escolha de Rolhas Manual
    Escolha Manual