In 1973, a dream was fulfilled. Sá & Irmão would take the first steps in the production of Natural Cork Stoppers for exporting. Today, we are a family business with extensive experience in a sector in constant renewal. The creation of new products allows us to present a diversified offer, responding to the needs of our customers in the export market. Currently, we carry out the entire cork production circuit internally with the vertical integration of processes and full use of the raw material.

At this point, we are proud to assert ourselves as an Eco-efficient company. We have a waste management system, effluent treatment units resulting from industrial activity and an energy management plan to minimize the impact on the environment.

The growth of Sá & Irmão is supported by continuous investments, namely in the improvement of infrastructures, the acquisition of equipment and qualification of human resources. In this way, we guarantee high levels of productivity and product quality, complying with legal requirements and achieving the main objective: to satisfy the demands and needs of the market.


50 Years, a new brand the same values.

In 2023 Sá & Irmão marks its anniversary with the launch of a new brand SACORK. Travel with us through these 50 years and find out how SACORK has evolved over the years.

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