The best choice

Lightness, elasticity, carbon sequestration and the ability to provide constant oxygen transfer are some of the characteristics that make cork stoppers the right choice when you need a closure for your wine.

At Sá & Irmão we aim to provide the customer with the best solution for each application. Each bottle matches an ideal solution, so we have a wide range of stoppers available that differ in their constitution, shape and purpose.


The SANATUR range, made up of natural corks, is ideally used as a closure for wines of a fine and delicate quality, so as not to compromise their characteristics during the aging process.


The by-products originating from the preparation and transformation of cork into natural stoppers and discs are used by Sá & Irmão for the production of cork granules of various sizes that are used in multiple types of technical cork stoppers.

A Certified Product

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