Safety and Control

It is with growing pride that at SACORK we provide a safe product for our customers and for the environment. From obtaining the raw material (decorking) to the final stage of production, our corks are subject to strict quality control.


In order to meet and exceed the high standards required by the cork sector market, at SACORK we manufacture products certified for their quality, in the areas of sustainable and responsible forest management.


Quality control at the unit that allows the removal of corks with sensory deviations.


TCA Free guarantees. Deviation control now also available for technical corks.

Systecode Premium

Systecode Premium

The Systecode certification was created with the aim of recognizing companies in the cork sector that comply with the standards established by the International Code of Cork Stopper Practices, which is one of the most important modernization factors in the natural cork stopper industry.

This certification implies adherence to the most up-to-date production techniques, in addition to requiring extensive knowledge of materials and absolute respect for environmental, hygienic and safety rules at work.

Systecode Excellence

Since 2015, companies in the cork sector have also had the opportunity to improve their certifications with the availability of Systecode Excelence. To reach this level, it is necessary to previously obtain Systecode Premium certification in all cork stopper finishing activities and to obtain all semi-finished products from companies certified with Systecode Premium in cork semi-finishing activities.

Systecode Excelence

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